Friday, August 14, 2009

"Mad dogs" A father-son connected by more then DNA

So there's about 7 weeks left and I've been training like a mad dog. These are the "dog" days of summer, and through the medney DNA we have come to love this weather to work out in. By the Medney "DNA" I refer to the name mad dog. In college cliff was called the mad dog, he was a much better football player then he gives himself credit for, but nevertheless; he was the mad dog. Then in High School with out any mention of it I was doubed the mad dog, funny... Father like son. So these "dog days" really are dog days for us. We love the heat and the extra grind from the work out. Medneys also love oatmeal but that's for another day. So going back to my point I was playing basketball yesterday and got a really bad charlie horse in my right thigh, and it kills but other then that the training is awsome I've down everything from running in the heat to running in the pool (much harder then T.O. makes it look on his show) and I'm also a coach now for the 2009 JCC Maccabi games which I participaed in 6 years ago for soccer. But let the dog days continue and GO B U L L D A W G S!

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