Saturday, August 15, 2009

Eminem Knew What he Was Saying!

Matt and i saw 8 Mile together when it originally came out. Matt was a young teen and really into his "street cred", i was into his words. My favorite rap was and is Lose Yourself. Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem, totally understood the "moment he had" as he portrayed it in the movie that was supposedly from his real life. He knew he had to make it work. But clearly beyond the moment he was personally rapping about, were the "make it happen moments" we are all given. He made the "don't screw this opportunity moment" very personal and it's why the song became such a anthem.

The ride for both Matt and me is one of these moments. To see it not as a special opportunity, is to be blind, let alone miss out on the potential to have it make a real difference in our lives and hopefully others.

Lose yourself in the is so LLLF to the fullest- because, as i know personally, most every moment has the potential to be very special, as well as, unexpectedly meaningful-both positively and not so much!

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