Monday, September 28, 2009

Cake Walk

Best intentions with even "good" planning sometimes isn't enough to make a long celebratory bike ride happen as planned. The 100 year flood in Atlanta last week put the final "lets take a deep breath" regarding our trip. We had, as many of you know, other reasons for "deep breaths" over the last several weeks. But as friends and family continue to say, we have almost 12 months- during this 10 year anniversary year- to figure out the "live life look forward" expression of positive optimism and health and wellness...

Over the coming months, we will figure this out with our charity partners. My sincerest gratitude to everyone for their love and support. Two days ago on September 26th...10 years to the day, Josana, Samantha and me did what we have for the previous 9 years...thanked the hospitals, the ER miracle makers who do the impossible day in and day out. The other years we brought bagels, this year we brought something else...true GRATITUDE! Sam showed everyone what a now 17 year old daughter looks like next to her father, as well as, what 10 years of thanks looks and feels like! We also brought some cake!
Thank you all and all my love,

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