Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nice Tee...but Cliff really thinks he's a doll?

Debatable for sure! But what isn't is unexpected stuff is bound to happen when it involves planning a two week, 1,600 mile bike ride! Like, Matt having life get in the way of a great "father/son" adventure. It's true, Matt can't do the trip- given he has accepted a great job working in the fitness business and responsibilties are what they are! Plus, a bit of a "health hic-cup" jumped in my way...

So over the past few weeks- we weighed everything and decided...dog gone it (yeah, Big Red Dog gone it!), to go for it! Not put it off til the Spring, not delay until everything lined up perfectly, but to give it a real shot! So, while Matt is making a start in his chosen profession, Josana and another big dog, Abby the Airdale will be my partners across about 10 states. We will leave Sept. 26, 2009- 10 years to the day of surviving my heart attack!

One other thing to report. We are supporting and closely involved with JDRF- the wonderful diabetes charity dedicated to finding the CURE for insulin dependent Type 1diabetes! More to come in the following days on how you can help me support this so needed effort!

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